Why Choose Auction House?

There are so many reasons why Auction House has become the popular choice for selling and buying. Here are just a few that will show you why it makes so much sense, and why our sale numbers are growing so much faster than other auctioneers.

Step One
Strong regional and national presence.

Auction House is geared up to sell local property to local, regional and national buyers. We operate over 30 regional auction rooms including one in Central London.

'Local property should always be sold in region by experts who understand auctions and know the area. They will always do a better job and get a higher price. I think that is why Auction House is so successful'

Step Two
Market Leaders in many areas.

Auction House operates more auction rooms, has more auctioneers and holds more auctions than anyone else in the UK. We are already the most successful, and market leaders in many parts of the country.

'National data shows that Auction House sells more lots and is market leader in several English and Welsh counties including Cumbria, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Cheshire, Norfolk and Pembrokeshire.'

Step Three
Selling locally achieves higher prices.

Everyone selling a property wants to achieve the best possible price for it. Evidence shows the prices achieved through professionally run regional auctions is higher than at centralised auctions. Auction House are the acknowledged experts in the field and a logical first choice.

'Property sells for more money closer to home, which is why everyone appoints local estate agents. The same applies to selling by auction – choosing a regional auctioneer makes sense and you will be glad that you did'

Step Four
Our regional auctioneers know your area and visit your property to provide an onsite appraisal.

Sellers need to be very wary of auctioneers who don't attend and inspect their property before giving advice on Guide Prices and Reserves. Auction House have auctioneers and valuers in your area who can meet you at the property, inspect it thoroughly and give you proper guidance.

'I don't see how anyone can know the value of a property without visiting it, seeing its condition and its surroundings. Not only that but how can they sell it effectively without knowing the opportunities that it offers'

Step Five
UK's No.1 Residential Auctioneer and Top 5 Commercial Auctioneer

Now the largest and most successful auctioneer outside London, with Sales in 2012 of 2,075 lots and a success rate of 80% - well ahead of other regional and national auctioneers.

'Auction House is the only national auctioneer with a network of regional auction rooms and the only company running professional auctions in widespread locations across the country. If you want to sell your property through a local auction room they are the natural first choice'

Step Six
We are local, well known, trusted and respected in the area.

Our auction rooms are run by experienced and successful local companies. These businesses are already well known and respected in the area. Our auction teams live locally, know the area, have a wealth of knowledge and numerous contacts. You can feel reassured and confident your property is in safe hands.

'Not only do they know the area and the local property market, but Auction House also has an extensive register of active buyers. These are drawn from both their auction activities and their estate agency registers. Auction House sells more auction properties to end users, and local people who improve them for their own occupation, or as a rental investment.'

Step Seven
We are consistently more successful than other regional and national auctioneers.

Auction House outperforms other auctioneers, our 2012 success rate of 80% is well ahead of the national auctions average and the results of most regional auctioneers too.

'Anyone thinking of selling by auction needs to look at success rates. The fact Auction House is amongst the most successful in the country makes them the obvious first choice in your area'

Step Eight
Heavyweight well targeted marketing and open house viewings are part of a proven success formula.

Auction House delivers success using a powerful package of local, regional and national marketing and promotion. We combine our specialist local knowledge with regional promotion and extensive national brand publicity to generate more interest and competitive bidding in our auction rooms. We encourage telephone and proxy bids, and wherever possible website viewing of our auctions.

'We like their marketing approach, we have been impressed by their newsletters and the easy access they provide to legal packs and planning information. I think they are very professional and helpful to buyers'

What some of our client's say about us:

'I was more than happy with the service I received from Auction House. The process was efficient, professional, friendly and totally stress free from start to finish.'
- J Smith, Norwich, Norfolk
'I was delighted that you assisted with the sale of my property, above the reserve price and within 4 weeks of it going in to the auction system.'
- Kelvin Norris, Leeds0
'I sold my property at an Auction House auction and all I can say is WONDERFUL service! Thanks so much again for making it so easy and stress-free for me.'
- Kate James, London
'A lovely user-friendly experience! I'm not very technical, yet found your website to be easy to use and a great source of information'
- Emma Broome, Manchester
More auctions. More auction rooms. More auctioneers.