How To Bid At Auction

Bidding at auction is easy and you shouldn't be nervous or anxious about it. We try very hard to make the event friendly and easy to follow, so don't worry about "accidentally" buying a property with a nod or a wink. Our Auctioneers are very experienced and can spot a real bid - they will engage with you and acknowledge your responses. Our auctions are clear and the bidding is conducted at a rate that newcomers will be able to follow.

The 4 Ways to Bid at an Auction:

In Person

In Person

As a potential buyer you attend the auction and bid for the property.

  • On arrival at the auction venue you collect a copy of our addendum sheet for news of any last minute sales, withdrawals or material alterations.
  • Collect a catalogue if you haven't already got one and just raise it if you want to bid.
  • If you wish, a member of the Auction House team can sit alongside you during the auction and give any guidance that you feel you need.

By Proxy

Proxy bidding is used when you cannot attend the auction.

  • You submit a bid in writing on a proxy bidding form and authorise Auction House to act for you. You authorise them to bid in the auction room on your behalf up to your maximum.
  • The bidding is made in increments as the auction progresses. They do not automatically offer your maximum amount and will try and buy the property for you at the lowest amount possible. If you authorise a maximum bid of £95,000 yet in the auction room you have the final bid at £90,000 and this has exceeded the reserve price, you will be successful in buying the property for £90,000.

By Telephone

A telephone bidding service is also available to those unable to attend, but you will need to make the necessary arrangements with Auction House prior to auction day.

  • You bid on the property during the auction whilst on the telephone to a member of the Auction House team. We will call you a few minutes prior to your chosen property being offered for sale, repeat the Auctioneers words to you and you instruct the team member when and how much you wish to bid.

By Internet Bidding

On occasions you can arrange to make internet bids during the auction. It is a new service still being trialled, and is only offered at a few of our events. Ask beforehand, make the necessary arrangements in advance of the auction and we will advise you further on the process.

Completion of a Proxy or Bidding Form sent to us with your deposit cheque and buyers administration fee is all that is needed to make either a Proxy, Telephone or Internet Bid. This can be found within the auction catalogue, click here or call our regional auctions office.

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